Tuesday, 7 June 2011

On the road again

On the train again.
This time one of France's TGV trains - the high speed line they sold their entire gold reserve for. I am sitting in the lap of luxury (1st class cost only $4 more) and speeding down the line at nearly 200kms/hr!
On my way to Brittany or Bretagne en francais to visit very good family friends, the Bales. Mandy has promised lots of shoe shopping so I am very excited!

Switzerland was a great stop. Lausanne is absolutely gorgeous, and Lake Geneva is impossibly blue. I had a really relaxing visit and practiced my pathetic French skills. Luckily, the Suisse took pity on me and used heir very good English skills or great hand gestures to help me out. Capped off the visit by visiting a highly recommended bar called the Whitehorse, where, during happy hour, you order one beer and they go e you two. Great system!
Next stop was Strasbourg, France; an eclectic German/French town with a cute river encircling downtown. Strasbourg was one of those cities that flip flopped between warring countries constantly throughout history (switched from German to French 6 times). I did a cute little river boat trip and saw the city as well as the very modern buildings that house the european parliament. I got to travel through the river locks which was also very neat.
The second day I spent indulging in French and German delights aka. French onion soup, German lager, and chocolate mousse! And lounged about in the sun reading my book with my feet in the river. My tan is back almost as good as after Cuba!

A couple observations: everyone smokes in Europe - tres gross. French people have an aversion to picking up dog poo -makes for interesting side walks. I don't look European whatsoever. No matter how much I try, my scarves do not fool anyone and they usually just ignore me. Having a French name does not help people understand you don't speak French. I yet again enjoy reading as enough time has past since he dreaded thesis. And maybe the most significant, I am physically capable of relaxing - who would have thunk it?
Next stop as I said, is Brittany for some French country side relaxing. After that, the very relaxing city of Amsterdam with a couple great friends from Vancouver, then Bruges (hopefully will get to see Colin Farrell or Jean Renou), Brussels, Luxembourg, and the enchanting city of Mannheim (has to be pronounced in a very deep German accent), and Diedlehorf - teehee.
If this too long to read the whole thing:
A. Still alive
B. Having fun
C. In France

Xo for now or as the French say Sante

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